District 201V2, Victoria, Australia

We mean business!

This is a proud club with a long record of service to the community. To find out more about us, go to the "ABOUT US" link - above.


In 2019 we will continue to serve our community .....

  • BBQ - Cottage by the Sea Fete.
  • BBQ  - Australia Day ceremony conducted by the Borough of Queenscliffe.
  • The Show and Shine in January - a great event
  • Donate Care Bears to our emergency services.
  • Community donations (see below for what we did in 2018)
  • Peace Poster in Primary schools.
  • "Treehouse" family camp at Wyuna for kids with Autism & Ashburgers
  • BBQ at Lego expo weekend
  • Peace Poster in the 3 Primary schools in our area‚Äč


New Member - July

We welcome a new member into the club.

Lion Kerrin Black has transferrred into our club and we look forward to working with him for many years.

Welome aboard Kerrin!!


Changeover - June 18

This year we actually had some changes at Changeover!!

After at least 4 or 5 years (he would not admit of how many), Terry Kilsby finally found a way out of the dual roles of President and Treasurer.

The club owes a deep debt to Terry for all that he has done for the club whilst in these roles. The club was certainly at a low ebb for a period of time and without Terry - and Phil Newey, it would have faded into Lions history by now.

We acknowledge the work done by these 2 Lions, but especially thank Terry for his leadership roles.

As we are still a small club, we only inducted the following key roles:-

  • President -     Adrian Miles
  • Secretary -     Terry Parsons
  • Treasurer -     Allan Pigdon
  • Membership - Phil Newey


                      MC Phil and President Terry                                       President Terry's Annual report


PDG John Greenwood installing the 3 musketeers           President Adrian's opening remarks (note wringing of hands!)


Zone 5 LEHP camera project

Our club (through Lions Allan Pigdon and Ray Wood) has initiated a project that we hope will have some significant outcomes for some young people with in Zone 5.

The aim is to test every child in Prep Grade in every Primary school in this area - that's 20 schools in all!

LEHP (Lions Eye Health Project) is a major initiative on Lions Clubs International. There are a number of tests/observations that are undertaken under this project, including photographing the eye with a special camera valued at around $8000.

The Lions will report any issues to the schools involved and the school will advise the parents that there is a potential issue and recommend they take further medical action.

The Lions do NOT diagnose, make judgements or contact the parents of any child.

There are 5 clubs within the Zone and the ares covers the whole of the Bellarine Peninsula, into Boundary Rr, Newcomb.

The project is in its early stages, but is looking quite exciting. More will be posted as it all unfolds.



Good Friday Appeal - April 19

Once again we supported this wonderful appeal by conducting a spinning wheel at the Queenscliff Bowling Club event.

This year we reverted to the tried and true formula of spinning for crays as prizws. The proved far more successful than the fish vouchers from last year. We completed 10 spins in ggod time and possibly could have managed one or 2 more spins.

The club donated the crays, so all the money raised from the spins went to the Appeal. We did really well, raising $2250

We have given ourselves a pat on the back!!


SAFEPL8 day - 6 April 2019

A successful day. In conjunction with Queenscliff Rotary club where we changed the screw on the plates of 36 cars.

General consensus was that we should do this again.

A good community service

Our highly qualified and intelligent staff - here to help :-)



Show 'n Shine - February 2019

The day went off very wellonce again although the eather forecast probably helped to keep the numbers down.

It was good to see that we had only one member unavailable (with a legitmate excuse !!).

Here is the report from el-Presidento Terry:-

Thanks to everyone for their support of this, our major project of the year.

Saturday night went well, as usual, with Lion Ray Radford stealing $399.75 from the punters for our Admin Acc. Thanks, Ray.

Sunday did not turn out as hot as expected,a good thing too! We took $12,403.25 on the gates, so a big thank you to all gate and support personnel.

Special mention of Bec, our treasurer for the day. Thanks, Bec!


Australia Day - January 2019

Once again we supported this important event.

We even launched out new uniform (minus the new hat which is still to come!!)

Superbly modelled ( Image result for pictures of emojis ) by Phil, Terry, Ray and Ray

HOWEVER .... The day was a great success ....


Our highly trained and professional staff in action.


Cottage By The Sea - January 2019


Once again we support the annual fund raider for "The Cottage".

This year we exceed all expectations and raised $1449 at our BBQ sausage sizzle. This was over $300 more than any previous year.

A great effort for the club.


Peace Poster - Queenscliff Herald


2018 - The year as it unfolded ......

December 2018 - NEW MEMBER



At the meeting on December 18, we welcomed our latest member, Clare Dyer

Clare was inducted into the club by Past District Governor, Trevor Hirth. We welcome Clare to the club and hope that she is the first of more members from the local community.

Sponsor Phil Newey, Clare Dyer, President Terry Kilsby and PDG Trevor Hirth.


BBQ at St Aloysius - December

The club has decided, as part of the process of improving our profile in the local commnity, that we will provide am end of term BBQ at each of the 3 local Primary schools.

We will do this at a differnt scool each term.

The first school to have the BBQ was St Aloysius. We will be at the other 2 school sin 2019. The childern enjoyed a free sausage as can be seen by Sam and Mia in the photo below, with Clare and Terry K. Also helping out on the day were Lions Allan Pigdon, Ray Radford and (much later in the day) Adrian Miles.





We had 4 entries from both Pt Lonsdale and St Aloyius Primary schools. We are looking forward to this project becominmg an annual event at all schools in the Borough.

The 4 finalists from both school each recived a $25 voucher at the "Bookshop at Queenscliff".

We congratulate Daisy Nicholson from Pt Lonsdale Primary school whose drawing was chosen to go to the Lions District final. She received a $50 voucher at the bookshop.


St. Aloysius


 The winner of the $25 vouchers were Angelina Pollard, Josef, Glass, Willow Corbetta and Archie Gladman


Pt Lonsdale Primary


The winners of the voucher from Pt Lonsdale Primary were Lucie Summerfield, Jackie Tingay, Meena Praava and Daisy Nicholson. Daisy's painting was the winning entry and went on to the District Final in Warrnambool.


St Aloysius Primary School



At a meeting earlier in the year, the club approaved a donation of $400 to the scholl for two new planter boxes.

The new boxes are in addition to other boxes at the school and now each classroom group in the school is directly involved with the growing programs with ‘ownership’ of a planter box per class. 

The school has teaching programs focussed on sustainability and healthy food choices and a student action team that meets weekly and works to nurture our garden plantings. The photo shows the new boxes that are already well stocked with edible and ornamental plants.

Students Sam Waight and Scarlett Birrell who are members of the school's Environmental Leadership group are pictured with the Lions President, Terry Kilby and member Adrian Miles.


Queenscliff Herald - November 2018




Vale Lion Ron Ick

It is with sadness that we record the passing of this long term member of our Lions Club.

Ron was an enthusiastic Lion who lived up to the Lions Club mantra of "We Serve". He died on September 1, 2018 - aged 89 years.

He was a Lions member for more than 25 years and held every postion in the club for at least one term of office.

During his service, he was honoured with the presentation of a Melvin Jones Fellowship, the highest honour a club can award.

We remember Lion Ron and his service to Lions with gratitude and pass on our sincere sympathies to Bev and the family.


District Governor's visit - October 2018

We were delighted to welcome DG Biddy Weel and partner Lion Nick to our meeting on October 30.

Biddy is currently visting all 68 clubs within our District with her expanding her theme for the year of "It's the little things". Biddy reminded our members that, whilst we are very good at doing great things for our community, sometimes it's the small acts of kindness, that might go unnoticed, but  can make a real difference to the recipient.

We had a totalof 25 people attend the evening and we thank the Lions from adjoining clubs whomade the effoer to be there.

We are still a club in the early stages of rebuilding and we appreciate the support of these Lions.


DG Biddy and President Terry exchange bannerettes                President Terry and Nick Weel


Lion Ray presents his basket of  "goodies" to Nick


Changeover - June 2018

Our intrepid President, Terry Kilsby, has taken on the role for another year - as both President and Treasurer.

Terry Parsons has stepped into the role of Secretary after Alan Bell did such a fine job of getting the club back on the path. Phil Newey is the Membership officer and we are looking for great things from him!!

PDG John Greenwood presided over the Inductions. He also filled the members and guests in with some insight into the roles of a number of the Lions Foundations.

These Foundations are at the very core of the humanitarian work that Lions do throughout the world - as well as at home.

This has been highlighted by the magnificent work still being dome by Lions within ourown District following the serious fires earlier in 2018.

Our club has been proud to support this with a financial dontaion of $5,000


The Oracle speaks ....



Hey fellas .... This is serious stuff ...... seriously!!! Really?  Oh well.....


Ray makes a presentation to PDG John Greenwood



Lions Awareness Day

This was a major new approach to lifting the profile in the communuity.

We set up next to the Information Centre and had a free sausage sizzle.

In conjunction, we had the Lions Eye Health camera there, run by District Chairman Wendy Hellebrand. This was a very worthwhile project as we were able to recommend to 8 people that they should have their eyes checked by an Optometrist.

We also spoke to a lot of people and explained about the Lions Club. A number took away the infornation sheet. Hopefully we will get some interest.

We will repeat this as we felt it was worthwhile.

Lion Wendy Hellebrand with the camera, closely supervised by Terry Parsons and Phil newey as she checks Xavier Newey's eyes.




Queenscliff Herald:-



  • Queenscliff Coast Guard                                 $7045
  • Lions Bush Fire Appeal                                   $5000
  • Pt Lonsdale SLSC:                                          $1000
  • Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF)   $1500
  • Australian Lions Foundation (ALF)                  $1000
  • Victorian Lions Founation (VLF)                      $1000
  • Lions Spinal Chord research                           $1000
  • Lions Eye Health program                               $1000
  • Lions Prostate Cancer research                      $1000
  • Lions Childhood Cancer research                   $1000
  • Lions Hearing Dogs                                           $500
  • Queenscliff Primary school                                $500
  • Pt Lonsdale Primary school                               $500
  • St Aloysius Primary school                                $500
  • "Treehouse" family camp at Wyuna                   $500
  • Lions Camp Koala                                              $250

President Terry rides for MS research

The MS ride got of to a good start, well,l it was cold but not yet WET!

The circuit took in THE SIGHTS of Melbourne. Yeah right, Footscray Road, woohoo. We cycled past Ettihad Stadium, through Docklands, down Munro Street, Williamstown Road, up, up and over the West Gate bridge. A circuit around Melbourne, Blackshaws and Miller Roads, down onto The Esplanade at Williamstown back under the West Gate and wandered back to Flemington racecourse, pretty much along the Maribyrnong river.

The team got separated into two groups at the start through slight confusion and logistics. I had my two MS mates with me so we cycled at a pace we were all happy with. Amber Cottee, friend number 1, wasn't dressed warmly enough  and was getting pretty cold. Especially after the rain attacked us just after the bridge. Mate 2, Ian McLaughlin, was doing really well and helped Amber along with positive comments and some friendly chiacking which I was more than helpful with.

Luckily we found the main group sitting in a coffee shop in Williamstown, YIPPEE!

Several coffees later, with some extra clothes for Amber, we all set off along the last leg along the Maribyrnong river, reaching THE FINISH LINE all together and totally elated. A fabulous morning, despite the weather.

An extremely well run event that we all hope to participate in again next year. In the photo you can see Amber Cottee high fiving the TEAM LEADER. To the left of whom is Ian McLaughlin, both, of course have MS and did themselves proud by completing the 50km course.


Before the ride, Terry had listed that he would like to raise $500 for this project. That may have been his personal; target but he raised over $2,500. His team "Dirt Riders" raised over $8,500!!! (This included $500 from the QPL Lions club - plus personal donations from some of our members)

Great effort Terry and team!!


Queenscliff Primary School


Queenscliff Primary school has used thr recent donation fropm out club to buy books for the school.

A whole shop full!!!

What a great outcome. Another win for "We Serve"


St Aloysius Primary School


The school currently has classroom planter boxes which are well stocked with edible and ornamental plants.  They have teaching programs focussed on sustainability and healthy food choices and a student action team that meets weekly and works to nurture our garden plantings.

This year, parents have also requested to be involved in programs collecting and using the plants.

In the recent storm, the school lost a significant tree from their garden. The school thinks this area would make an ideal vegetable box area.  The additional boxes would also allow each classroom group in our school to be directly involved with our growing programs with ‘ownership’ of a planter box per class.

At the May meeting of the club, it was decided to donate $400 to the project. This is abour 2/3rds of the total cost of the materials required. The school will arrange the construction works.

Further posts will be puton this website when the works are compketed.

Yet another win for "We Serve"


"Treehouse" family camp

"Treehouse" is a social network group for families who have children with Autism and Ashberger disorders.

Over the last 3 years, YMCA Camp Wyuna has hosted a special event for these children and their families - at no cost. It is a fun filled day of activities, food and music.

We are proud to have contributed $500 towards this event.

Camp Wyuna is used by our District to run a Youth Exchange camp, so we have close ties with this fellow service organisation.

Adrian Miles presents the cheque to Andrew Kidd, Camp Manager




Lions club members are men and women who make a difference in their local community - and have fun at the same time.

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