District 201V2, Victoria, Australia


Australia Day - January 2019

Once again we supported this important event.

We even launched out new uniform (minus the new hat which is still to come!!)

Superbly modelled ( Image result for pictures of emojis ) by Phil, Terry, Ray and Ray

HOWEVER .... The day was a great success ....


Our highly trained and professional staff in action.


Cottage By The Sea - January 2019


Once again we support the annual fund raider for "The Cottage".

This year we exceed all expectations and raised $1449 at our BBQ sausage sizzle. This was over $300 more than any previous year.

A great effort for the club.


Peace Poster - Queenscliff Herald

Show 'n Shine - February 2019

The day went off very wellonce again although the eather forecast probably helped to keep the numbers down.

It was good to see that we had only one member unavailable (with a legitmate excuse !!).

Here is the report from el-Presidento Terry:-

Thanks to everyone for their support of this, our major project of the year.

Saturday night went well, as usual, with Lion Ray Radford stealing $399.75 from the punters for our Admin Acc. Thanks, Ray.

Sunday did not turn out as hot as expected,a good thing too! We took $12,403.25 on the gates, so a big thank you to all gate and support personnel.

Special mention of Bec, our treasurer for the day. Thanks, Bec!


Good Friday Appeal - April 19

Once again we supported this wonderful appeal by conducting a spinning wheel at the Queenscliff Bowling Club event.

This year we reverted to the tried and true formula of spinning for crays as prizws. The proved far more successful than the fish vouchers from last year. We completed 10 spins in ggod time and possibly could have managed one or 2 more spins.

The club donated the crays, so all the money raised from the spins went to the Appeal. We did really well, raising $2250

We have given ourselves a pat on the back!!


SAFEPL8 day - 6 April 2019

A successful day. In conjunction with Queenscliff Rotary club where we changed the screw on the plates of 36 cars.

General consensus was that we should do this again.

A good community service

Our highly qualified and intelligent staff - here to help :-)



Zone 5 LEHP camera project

Our club (through Lions Allan Pigdon and Ray Wood) has initiated a project that we hope will have some significant outcomes for some young people with in Zone 5.

The aim is to test every child in Prep Grade in every Primary school in this area - that's 20 schools in all!

LEHP (Lions Eye Health Project) is a major initiative on Lions Clubs International. There are a number of tests/observations that are undertaken under this project, including photographing the eye with a special camera valued at around $8000.

The Lions will report any issues to the schools involved and the school will advise the parents that there is a potential issue and recommend they take further medical action.

The Lions do NOT diagnose, make judgements or contact the parents of any child.

There are 5 clubs within the Zone and the ares covers the whole of the Bellarine Peninsula, into Boundary Rr, Newcomb.

The project is in its early stages, but is looking quite exciting. More will be posted as it all unfolds.


Changeover - June 18

This year we actually had some changes at Changeover!!

After at least 4 or 5 years (he would not admit of how many), Terry Kilsby finally found a way out of the dual roles of President and Treasurer.

The club owes a deep debt to Terry for all that he has done for the club whilst in these roles. The club was certainly at a low ebb for a period of time and without Terry - and Phil Newey, it would have faded into Lions history by now.

We acknowledge the work done by these 2 Lions, but especially thank Terry for his leadership roles.

As we are still a small club, we only inducted the following key roles:-


                      MC Phil and President Terry                                       President Terry's Annual report


PDG John Greenwood installing the 3 musketeers           President Adrian's opening remarks (note wringing of hands!)


New Member - July

We welcome a new member into the club.

Lion Kerrin Black has transferrred into our club and we look forward to working with him for many years.

Welome aboard Kerrin!!

Bunnings BBQ - October

Our first foray into this area of fundraising. It proved worthwhile and will be followed up with others as can be arranged.

Letters to Santa - November

We undertook this project with the 3 schools in the Borough. Approximately 150 letters were recived and replies sent to the childen

Peace Poster - November

Although 2 of the schools took part, this was notr as successful as last year. We will be looking at a better aprroach for 2020.

Nativity display - December

This display has been put up at the Uniting Church for many years and we pleased  this has continued.

Special thanks to Lions Allan Pigdon and Ray Wood for their efforts in ensuring this was done once again.


Various activities - December

We also were involved in other activities during December, including: